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Old 03-21-2016, 03:39 PM
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Name: Ben
Drives: 2005 Evo RS
Default Rear bumper damage

I've had a lot of issues with the rear bumper cover, where it attaches to the body on the passenger side. Is anyone else having these issues, and found a good solution?

The first few times, the attachment near the wheel well was pulling away from the body. I eventually took the car to a body shop and their repair looked great, now it's actually tearing the bumper cover itself.

My guess is that this is from all the dirt and mud hitting the mudflap, but I'm not sure. Looking for suggestions on how to deal with this.
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Old 05-15-2016, 12:28 AM
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Name: Charles
Drives: IX RS

This happened to mine as well. I used to just tape it up prior to events. After I sold it, I found a solution that can probably be adapted to this. Check out the thread I wrote here.
'06 Evo RS <sold after winning 3 SCCA RX National Championships>
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