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Introductions Please Introduce yourself noobies!

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Old 02-01-2016, 11:40 PM
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Name: Matt
Drives: 92 TSI AWD, 90 Galant GSX, 93 Mirage
Default New from Buffalo, NY

Hey everybody, my name's Matt and I've owned Mitsubishis for 10 years now. I've had countless 1gs, a couple of 2gs, 4 GVR4s.
Here's 924/1000 before I had to scrap it due to an insane amount of rust:

I currently own:
-A 93 Mirage sedan (white) that I plan to turn into an Evo I or Evo II. It's from SC and too clean to let it see any salt or even dirt.
-A 90 Galant GSX (blue) that I haven't done too much with. Also a bit too clean for me to want to take her off of clean pavement.
-A 92 Talon TSI AWD that inspired me to join this forum.
-A bunch of other cars

I've had the Talon for 5 or 6 years now and haven't had it running yet. I got it from PA but Carfax says it spent 99% of its life in Maryland. There's no rust to be found, so compared to anything here in Buffalo its worth keeping. It was originally supposed to be a parts car, but once I saw how clean the body was I couldn't scrap it. It has a bit of body filler on one of the rear quarter panels, lots of paint fade, looks like someone jacked it up by the floor, the interior had to be thrown out, it didn't come with an engine, and it has 193k. I think its an early '92. Its a 5 speed with a 3-bolt LSD rear (LSD doesn't seem to work) and small front brakes. It had the grey cloth interior, no sunroof, and no ABS. I got an engine and better transmission for it a few years back but never had the time to put everything together. I think its perfect to turn into a street/rallyx car, and I'm finally going to get to it this year.

Here it is when I got it - it looks exactly the same now:

I'm very new to rally and I'll have a ton of questions about what components to use. Although it will probably only be used on the street and for rallyx I would like to keep stage rally in mind...although I do realize that a beginner building a car for stage rally is not a good idea (especially an AWD one). In fact, I would even like to locate a good fwd car for rallyx practice.

With 193k on the body I figure I need to replace everything rubber. Here's what I'm thinking so far, I would love thoughts/suggestions. I'll admit that I haven't done much research yet.

-Minimal Interior, swap to manual windows, no carpet. The inside of the car (under where the carpet was) is pretty dirty and I'd really like to paint it. I'm thinking of going with a light grey color for both the inside of the car and the engine bay. The reasoning is so that damage will be easy to spot, glare and heat won't be too bad.

-I'm going to freshen up the 6-bolt engine I have and run the 14b that came with it. 2g exhaust manifold and o2 housing, 90 OFH, water pipe, and t-stat housing to keep everything as simple as possible. I think quick spool and low end power is what I want, so I was thinking of using a cyclone intake manifold and trying to figure out the best stock DSM cam combination for low end power.

-Maybe I will make some IC piping and run a small FMIC?

-I have a 2.5" turbo-back exhaust in the garage

-Keep the small front brakes or switch to the larger stock DSM front brakes? The hoses definitely need to be replaced. Is it worth it to go to SS braided hoses? I have a new master cylinder sitting on the shelf.

-Keep the 3-bolt rear? I have a 4-bolt in the garage but I'm thinking that the 3-bolt will be easier to find replacement axles for. I could be wrong.

-What battery to buy and where to put it? I currently have none.

-What to use for motor mounts, subframe and suspension bushings. How hard should they generally be for rally? I was going to go with solid driveshaft bushings.

-Hood pins just in case? Maybe mount a fire extinguisher somewhere?

-Should I put snow tires on the stock 16" aluminum wheels or switch to a different wheel?

-I was thinking of getting a larger rear sway bar, AGX struts, and stock springs.

-The power steering pump was previously removed but I will add one and fix the cut-out problem. Was there only one steering ratio (not counting manual steering racks) available in a rack that fits these cars?

-Cruise and AC are already gone. I'll replace the heater core while I'm in there.

-Big mudflaps

Am I on the right track?
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Old 02-02-2016, 12:26 AM
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Name: Sam
Drives: 1992 Eclipse GS 2.0

Welcome, man! Sounds like you're on the right track from what you've posted so far.

It probably varies region to region, but I definitely have found that I'm generally always in 2nd gear and usually won't pass 40mph all that often. Having low-mid range power/spool is definitely ideal for me, and probably is for you as well.

The brakes are going to be a matter of what size wheel you want to run, as (apparently) the dual piston calipers have trouble clearing some 15 inch wheels (which you'll need if you ever want to run gravel tires). I've never felt my single pistons have ever been lacking on an rx course. Just get some quality pads, like Hawk HPS's.

Don't know much about the rear diffs as I'm a FWD guy, but I recall hearing Raxles can make replacement 4 bolt axles. If you can run that, I'd do it since it's an LSD.

If you're only gonna track this car, you could always run the small battery mod that lots of the drag people use. Otherwise, just get something like an Optima to save a few pounds. I haven't felt it would be necessary to relocate to the trunk.

From what I understand, you want SOME give to your mounts and bushings since rally/rallyx is on a rough surface. Poly is probably the way to go.

You could run snow tires on your 16's or source some used gravel tires and 15's. Sounds like you want to run modified class, so you're probably gonna want them if you want to be competitive.

RSB's are great for turn-in and oversteer, and AGX's are a great rallycross strut. I run both on my car.

Feel free to ask any other questions!
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Old 02-04-2016, 06:57 AM
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Name: Nathan
Drives: 1998 Evo V, 1991 Eclipse GSX, 2000 Montero Sport XLS

Welcome to the site! I also Rallyx my 1g AWD.

If you are wanting to keep it a street car too, I would consider putting an interior back in, for comfort and possibly a lower class depending on the rest of the setup. I haven't seen weight making much of a difference when it comes to Rallyx. With the loose surfaces and low speeds of Rallyx, upgraded brakes aren't needed like they are on pavement.
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