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Old 02-07-2014, 05:47 PM
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Name: Steven Warren
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Default RallyX/Sprints update and a request for support

RallyX update:

As of today I have 4 sites in the fold that are available in late summer and fall. There are 4 more sites that I should have a decision from from this month that would be available immediately. I am doing everything I can to hold the first RallyX of '14 as near to March 1st as possible, the proceeds from which will be donated to Kyle Schmidt to help him get his rally car race ready and cover entry and expenses for the Oregon Trail Rally. (Kyle is great people, deeply involved in NWR rally and is more than deserving of a helping hand. His offer to have me co-drive played no part in this ). Look for an announcement next week.

Rally Sprint update:

After over 2 years of hard work I am submitting a formal request of use this month with county commissioners in Pacific County for an ex-Olympus Rally stage. With the support of the county Sheriffs dept and public works dept I am missing only 1 thing to complete the request, public support. (please read next paragraph)


To have a fighters chance of receiving approval from the county commissioners to hold upcoming RallySprints I need your help, PLEASE take 2 minutes and email a very brief note of support for RallySprints to: steevano61@gmail.com.

I cannot stress enough how important this is. I am asking elected politicians to open a county road to people from outside their county, close that road to the locals who pay taxes to use and maintain that road, bring a group of outsiders in to tear up and down that road all day and then leave and go home. This is not a good way to stay in office or seek re-election unless this request is backed by public support and other county officials. I have the other officials backing now I need public support, your support. PLEASE take 2 minutes and email a brief note of support, I cant guarantee it will assure approval but I can guarantee any possibility of events in the harbor via this application will be denied without your support. History shows that the overwhelming majority of people that read this will agree its importance and move on without taking the 2 minutes it would require to send an email in support. I humbly ask that you break with history, take 2 minutes and do something real, something tangible to support rally in the NW... emails will be attached to a written request for use and submitted to the Pacific County Commissioners.
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Old 02-08-2014, 01:51 PM
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About 15 years ago I was scouting new sites for an SCCA region, mostly for autocrossing, but also for hillclimbs. With regard to getting local support, I drove all the routes leading into the area and stopped at a ton of businesses, focusing on restaurants, convenience stores, and the like. I told them what I was doing and asked (in a sort of naive way) whether having a bunch of people come through the area might cause them problems. I knew that the answer was "of course not! we'd love the extra potential business," but that wasn't the point. The point was to get them interested in having the events happen, so that they might spontaneously help me convince the County Manager.

Full disclosure: the SCCA stopped us from having a hillclimb on the grounds that the PA Hillclimb Assoc had some kind of exclusive. But we did gain a great site for autocrossing and gimmick rallyes.
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